This TikTok shows why you're probably brushing your teeth the wrong way

A social media user is earning plenty of online

praise — including from dental hygienists —

after sharing the “right way” to brush your teeth.

The advice comes courtesy of TikTok user

kassyslays90 who shared her recently received

knowledge in a video posted on April 29.

In her clip, she explains the tooth

brushing “secret” her husband had been

told during a recent visit to the dentist.

Kassyslays90 says in her video,

that while many people use

mouthwash after brushing their teeth.

they should actually be doing

things the other way around.

“He says that the right way to brush

your teeth is to first rinse with an alcohol

mouthwash,” the TikToker reveals.

“Then to floss, then to brush your

teeth, then to use a fluoride rinse".

She explains that alcohol-based mouthwash,

according to her husband’s dentist, .

will remove the fluoride that toothpaste

applies to the teeth — essentially negating

the whole process if done last.

Several dental hygienists commented

on the viral clip, confirming that the

advice was, in fact, correct