TikTok’s ‘She Knows’ trend shows the good and bad side of intuition

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An old J. Cole song is the score to a new TikTok meme about intuition. The trend uses an 8-year-old track from the rapper's album Born Sinner called "She Knows" . TikTokers are using the song to share the times that they could feel something in their gut was true. And people are getting pretty vulnerable. In 2013 the rapper J. Cole released his critically acclaimed album Born Sinner. The track "She Knows" was the second single off the album. The lyrics discuss J. Cole's experiences with infidelity. The premise is that his girlfriend knows he is cheating and he feels guilty about it. The "She Knows" TikTok sound currently has 232,000 videos associated with it. People use the song to soundtrack moments where they felt caught in the act or have caught someone in the act. TikToker Hannah Scheiderer believed her boyfriend was having an affair when she found a silver ring in the glove compartment of his car. Scheiderer only wears gold jewelry. However, when the video blew up she later revealed the video was a joke and her boyfriend is not a cheater