TikTok reacts to how Subway allegedly prepares its rotisserie chicken: 'At least we know it’s real chicken'

Going behind the scenes of something you love doesn’t always lead to good things.

That certainly seems to be the case for many TikTokers, who recently saw how Subway sandwich shop workers make and prepare the rotisserie chicken option — and so far, the consensus seems to be: Ew.

According to a now-viral video from the TikTok account @subwayhos — not associated with the sandwich chain — the chicken first arrives in a plastic bag filled with juices. After draining the bag, workers place the rotisserie chicken into a metal mixing bowl and break it into pieces with their hands so that what’s left is essentially shredded chicken. They then separate it into individual containers and weigh it on a food scale before placing it with the other sandwich ingredients.

After that, employees can add it to subs, salads or tortilla wraps.

The video has over 3 million views and thousands of comments — mostly from people unprepared for what they were about to see.

“i don’t even eat subway and i feel ick,” one TikToker wrote.

“Literally gagged omg,” added someone else.

“i’m never eating that again‼️‼️” another person declared.

Others didn’t know why people were surprised since meat is typically delivered this way at fast-food chains that serve millions of customers daily.

“Looks good to me,” one person shrugged.

“Atleast we know it’s real chicken,” another TikToker quipped.

And then some said that if this grossed people out, they don’t know the half of it.

“I worked at subway and wait til you guys know how the tuna is made,” one person wrote.

Believe it or not, you can watch that in action, too. The same TikTok account also posted a video on the tuna-making process, which now has more than 10.5 million views and its own colorful comments.

While one person said they were “officially put off” by the tuna after seeing it made, others said they would still eat it in the future since it’s delicious.

“No wonder it slaps,” one person quipped.

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