TikTok reacts to terrifying video of shark circling two swimmers

A beachgoer in Florida recorded terrifying footage of a shark appearing to circle a pair of oblivious swimmers, . and now over 31 million people have watched the clip. TikTok user Connor Seitz (@cseitz2281) filmed the scene from his hotel room at Panama City Beach on July 18. The video starts out with a wide shot of the coastline before it zooms in on two unsuspecting girls swimming near a shark. Gradually, the shark gets closer and closer to the swimmers, and onlookers with Seitz can be heard saying, "It's circling them". The shark initially started to swim away before doubling back. Seitz identified the shark as a hammerhead in the video. Commenters demanded to know why Seitz didn't try to warn the swimmers instead of just filming them. "We didn't yell because we didn't want to cause them [to] panic and potentially aggravate the shark," Seitz explained in the comments . "We were also on the 23rd floor ... They would never have heard us". Experts recommend moving slowly away to the shore and explicitly say to avoid thrashing your arms or splashing around when a shark is nearby. "This is where the phrase 'ignorance is bliss' [could] not be any truer," one person wrote