TikTok parents are breaking ‘generational curses’ with their desire to be deprioritized

When you’re raising tiny humans, you’re constantly hoping all your efforts will one day pay off. You hope they’re listening to the good stuff you say instead of what slips out in a moment of frustration. You hope they mirror the positive examples you try and set rather than the mistakes you inevitably make along the way.

But above all, you hope the lessons you try and teach them every day will somehow stick so that, when they grow up and venture out into the world on their own, they’ll be ready for anything.

According to TikToker Kelci Moss (@kelci_moss), there’s also something else on her mind recently while raising her young kids — and she’ll be the first to admit it may not be a “popular” opinion.

“If my girls grow up and find dad and I more important than the family they made, then we failed as parents,” she confesses in the six-second video.

She writes in the post caption, “Unpopular opinion: The family you make should always come first to the family you came from.”

A lot of people on TikTok seemed to agree with Moss — especially in the context of boundary-pushing grandparents and in-laws.

“I’m 35 & my parents seem to think we are supposed to live for them until they die,” one user wrote.

“My ex couldn’t build a family with me because his parents had a toxic grip on him. Still do 😔,” another user added.

“Yesss!” added another mama. “Priorities shifted so much when I became a mom and my parents/siblings don’t understand it. My child is my #1 priority.”

“1000% agree! I’ll always be there for them of course, but their partner/kids come first!” another user wrote.

“The parents who understand this are the parents we want to spend more time around in the end, too,” another person chimed in.

In a follow-up video, Moss explained, “There’s a huge difference between wanted and needed.”

Combined with the hashtags “#GenerationalCurses,” it’s clear Kelci is urging parents to break toxic cycles and encourage their children to live full, healthy lives outside the family they came from.

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