TikTok is obsessed with a British man who lives inside England’s Tower of London

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A British TikToker is drawing millions of views after showing his life living inside the Tower of London. The Tower of London, one of the U.K’s oldest and most famous landmarks, is a historic fortress and home to the nation’s Crown Jewels. It’s also the place Tom Houghton calls home. Houghton, who, according to Insider, has lived at the Tower since 2016, is just the latest TikToker to share his unconventional living situation. Houghton, according to his videos, lives in a Queen’s House. The building was built in the 1500s by King Henry VIII. Houghton’s family lives there thanks to his father, who is the Constable of the Tower of London. It’s a uniquely bizarre living situation, considering, according to Statista, three million tourists visited the Tower in 2019. Houghton also shared videos about the sculptures in his hallways, his father’s lordship and the spookiest ghost stories about his house. TikTok users have naturally had some strong reactions to Houghton’s clips. “Can I move in with you?” one user asked