TikTok movie filter is giving film fans their ‘hardest battles’

The 2023 Oscars aren’t for another month, but movie lovers are already having a hard time comparing movies.

Bracket filters have taken off on TikTok recently. From rapper brackets to basketball brackets to now a movie version, brackets are becoming a staple on TikTok. This one was created by Allan Gregorio (@allangregorio). He’s made several battle brackets, but the movie one is his most successful — with over 285,000 videos made with it.

The matchups are so tough that some users can’t even decide between the first two movies that appear.

In this video, @ken.tobox got stuck between 2002’s Spirited Away and 2001’s Shrek. Both movies have over 90% audience ratings on Rotten Tomatoes, showing just how beloved they are by viewers. Not only could Kendall not make a pick, but she also couldn’t make a sound.

Even the comment section couldn’t agree on which movie should move on.

“Spirited Away wins this easy, but if it were up against Shrek 2 it would be much harder to decide..,” said @augustcelineiii.

“Shrek is the second greatest animated masterpiece only behind Shrek 2,” commented @jetstreamkyle1.

Several TikTok users have made it to the final round, but like Kendall, the final matchup left them with an impossible dilemma.

Once again, the comments had a field day on which movie to win the face-off.

“one is a critically acclaimed film with an amazing story and soundtrack and the other is Donnie Darko,” said @angelacarinaa.

“i’d be there for hours and come out of it covered in blood and bawling after picking donnie darko,” responded @riddlercel.

While some people are having a problem picking between two movies, one of the newer trends to do with this filter is to stop the video when you haven’t seen either movie in front of you.

This trend is an easy way to strike up a reaction since it’s always easy to ask, “You haven’t seen this movie?’” The comments under this video prove it.

“U haven’t seen call me by ur name???,” asked @its_me_.mel0.

Whether you’ve seen the movies or not, the new movie filter is one that will surely throw you for some kind of loop.

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