TikTok mom gets real about baby pictures when you have more than 1 kid

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A TikTok mom posted a hilarious video that shows the difference in how parents save baby pictures of their first kid, . versus how they save baby pictures of their other kids. Nicole Oliver (@mamoliverr) posted the relatable clip, . which went viral with over 13.8 million views and had TikTokers flooding the comment section with their own experiences. Nicole starts the video with a “first child” asking, “Mom can I see my baby pictures?”. Nicole excitedly puts down her iced coffee, and picks up a giant decorative bin with a pile of photo albums stacked on top. Next a “second child” asks to see their baby pictures. Nicole, with a little less enthusiasm, hands a single photo album towards the camera. Finally, the youngest child asks to see baby pictures. Instead of taking out an album, a slightly ashamed Nicole hands her smartphone to the camera. Parents and non-parents alike praised Nicole for her relatable take on baby pictures. “This hit the nail on the damn head,” said one user