TikTok mom can't get close enough to her baby: 'Kissing this child is not enough'

Shawna (@shawnathemom) is a mom of two who loves posting comedic skits about motherhood on her TikTok page. a recent skit of Shawna’s— with over 700k views—really struck a chord with parents on TikTok. Titled “Mom Love,” the video shows Shawna holding and kissing a baby doll while saying, “Kissing this child is not enough”. The video then cuts to Shawna wearing a baseball cap, presumably portraying her husband, saying, “Ok”. Shawna continues as herself stating, “Holding this child is not enough. I literally want to unzip my body so that I can envelop him. Do you feel like that?”. Shawna’s “husband” replies, “Um… I mean I love him”. Shawna doubles down on her sentiment and elaborates, “I wanna turn myself inside out so that I can feel closer to him. Is that weird?”. To which her “husband” confirms, “Yeah that’s weird.” “I don’t care,” concludes Shawna. one thing is clear: parents everywhere who have experienced “cuteness aggression” can certainly relate to this hilarious TikTok