TikTok’s latest fast-food hack is ordering ‘Korean iced coffee’ from McDonald’s

A “Korean iced coffee” trick is TikTok’s latest, greatest fast-food hack. The “secret” McDonald’s order, which involves dropping an ice cream cone into your iced coffee, is just the latest hack to go viral on the app. According to PopSugar, the Korean iced coffee trick started gaining steam in April. But, it really took off in July, when creators started gaining millions of views just for trying the hack. User @foodwithmichel was one of those creators. In a clip that now has almost 3 million views. the Los Angeles-based TikToker drove up to McDonald’s and gave Korean iced coffee a shot. Their review — that the mixture is just sweet enough — seems to be a common response. On TikTok, the #KoreanIcedCoffee hashtag has more than 4.4. million views. Many of those users seem to agree that the drink is a perfect mixture of sugary and refreshing