TikTok influencer shares what not to wear to a Japanese wedding: 'It's just one of those unwritten rules'

TikToker Cyber Bunny (@therealcyberbunny) shared a useful and amusing guide showing what not to wear to a Japanese wedding.

Cyber Bunny is a Tokyo-based TikToker who shares videos about her life in Japan. Cyber Bunny enjoys observing the differences between Japanese and American culture, and she often shares videos explaining some of the unwritten rules in Japanese society. In a helpful recent video, Cyber Bunny outlined some of the things you should never wear to a Japanese wedding, and some of them are pretty surprising.

“Japanese wedding etiquette,” Cyber Bunny says as the video begins. “What should you not wear?”

First up, don’t even think about dressing provocatively!

“You cannot be sexy,” Cyber Bunny says. The TikToker is wearing a romper that exposes her bare shoulders and upper chest. She gestures at her shoulders as she continues, saying, “This is too much.”

In the next shot, Cyber Bunny shows an example of an appropriate outfit. She wears an ankle-length light blue skirt with a matching top and unbuttoned cardigan. Her legs, arms and shoulders are all covered.

“This is my grandma’s,” the TikToker explains. “The cardigan is actually sewn in.”

The TikToker goes on to explain that women should avoid exposing cleavage. However, they don’t have to wear an ankle-length skirt. A hem length just above the knee is also appropriate.

Next, Cyber Bunny shows herself wearing a knee-length white dress with a sheer cardigan covering her shoulders.

“Much better,” she says. “It actually fits me.”

Of course, there’s still a problem. It’s a faux pas to wear white!

“Don’t wear white,” she instructs. “But my shoulders are at least covered.”

When it comes to shoes, lower heels are better.

“The heel must be 1 inch,” Cyber Bunny explains. “Not 2 inches, not 3 inches, no stilettos.”

Additionally, it’s important to keep your toes and heel covered.

“It’s just one of those unwritten rules,” Cyber Bunny says.

Finally, and most important, don’t outshine the bride.

“Basically, you cannot one-up the bride,” the influencer explains. “She must be the most beautiful woman in the room.”

Viewers appreciated the wedding etiquette tips

TikTokers thanked Cyber Bunny for her insight, although some were still confused about what would be considered appropriate.

“Are a hoodie and pants good?” one TikToker asked.

“Is this type of dress code more for non-traditional weddings?” asked another TikToker.

“Me adding this to my favorites list like I’m going to be rich enough to move to Japan,” joked another viewer.

If you ever get an invite to a wedding in Japan, now you’ll know what to avoid wearing!

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