TikTok Is Impressed (and Confused) by Bella Hadid’s Clip-Free Hair Tutorial—Watch It Here

TikTok Is Impressed (and Confused) by Bella Hadid’s Clip-Free Hair Tutorial—Watch It Here

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Have you ever sat in class watching a girl tie up her hair in the coolest way and wanted to tap her on the shoulder to ask for a tutorial? Well, that’s how the internet currently feels about Bella Hadid thanks to a mind-boggling (!!) TikTok where she seemingly secured her hair without a hair tie or clip.

Bella (@BabyBella777) is super active on TikTok, posting everything from OOTDs and photo shoot sneak peeks to sandwich recipes and lip-syncing videos with her friend. A recent video showed Bella throwing her hair into a messy bun with a snippet of “Affirmation Song” from Snoop Dogg’s Doggyland in the background.

“When you’re not feeling good and have negative thoughts, repeat after me / Come on, everyone / There is no one better to be than myself / Today is gonna be an amazing day,” Snoop raps. A fan joked in the comments section, “If I was Bella Hadid, I would very much want to be myself.”

Some people noticed that Bella was able to tie up her hair without using any hair accessories to secure it. “I’m genuinely confused as to how u just did that w/o a hair tie or pin,” questioned one commenter. “Did she just tie her hair with her hair?” replied another bewildered user.

It appeared that the model gathered her newly blonde hair into a makeshift ponytail before twisting it around her finger into a bun, pulling the loose ends through her bun to create a knot. BRB, practicing Bella’s messy bun technique so we never have to worry about being stranded without a hair clip.

If you prefer to stick with your good ol’ hair accessories to keep your long locks out of your face, here are some of our favorite options—from Deborah Pagani’s hair pin that creates all sorts of updos to classic claw clips that you can toss in every bag.

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