This TikTok Is A Hilariously Accurate Representation Of All Of Us Watching 'The Great British Baking Show '

Kelly Allen
·1 min read

From Delish

If you want to feel absolutely seen by a single TikTok video, you need to watch TikToker @ghosthoney’s post sharing his reactions while watching The Great British Baking Show. People who are obsessed with the show have flooded the comments saying how relatable it is.

The video starts with the task at hand: Make a Battenberg cake. The TikToker then asks what that is, as most of us would likely wonder. The cake is then described in intricate detail to which the TikToker responds, “That’s incredible.” Of course, when the countdown to bake begins, the viewer joins in saying, “On your marks, get set, baaaake!”

While a contestant speaks of how they love dogs and have one of their own named Hamish, the TikToker is in literal tears. I mean, same with every sight or thought I have about a dog. And that name! Hamish! Ugh.

In the comments on the post, people shared how this TikTok accurately represents everyone watching the show. “This is my mom and I watching [the show] and not knowing what they’re making but sweating nonetheless,” one person wrote. Others described the reaction as an iconic portrayal of how the show is the perfect mix of both stressful and relaxing.

Alright, everyone! We must all share our own reaction vids now. Sorry, I don’t make the rules! Let's share every thought, tear, smile, and jaw-drop, because the only thing better than watching GBBS is talking about it with fellow fanatics on the internet.

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