TikTok heaps praise on woman showing 'compassion' to struggling senior

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A woman has gone viral on TikTok for her kindhearted response to a senior who had been struggling to walk in a pair of worn-out shoes. On Jan. 24, Shirley Raines, the founder of the nonprofit Beauty 2 The Streetz, shared a TikTok ... in which she comes across the senior as the latter shuffles her feet and holds onto another woman. “This lady’s shoes … She don’t have no better shoes than that?” Raines asks in the clip. “What size shoes you got, queen?”. When the senior tells Raines that she wears a size 9, Raines immediately checks her van to see if she has a pair to replace the worn-out shoes. Fortunately, a volunteer in the vehicle finds a pair of Adidas in the senior’s size, and Raines motions another volunteer to direct the senior to a station that she has already set up. the senior tells Raines that she feels “wonderful” before leaving the station. Raines’ TikTok has since received nearly 5 million views and close to 12,000 comments — many of whom praised Raines for helping the senior leave her worn-out shoes behind