This TikTok Hack Turns That Bra You Never Wear Into The Cutest Bralette

Julia Marzovilla
·1 min read

Another day in quarantine, another TikTok trend that has me rethinking how I get dressed. Like shoe strings for belts and tie-dyed hoodies before them, cut-up bras are now the trend legions of teens are DIYing. The TikTok bra cutting trend is literally all over my For You Page—and the results are surprisingly cute. Leave it to Gen Z to actually make me want to wear a real bra this year.

If you’re like me, you probably have tons of lacy bras shoved at the bottom of your underwear drawer that you haven’t touched—let alone thought about—in nearly a decade. The ones in question are probably hella overly-padded or came...

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