TikTok Is Going Crazy After A Former Lululemon Employee Shares Amazon's Legging Dupes: 'Feels Like Butter'


TikTokers Rush To Amazon For Lululemon Dupe Leggings

Ariana captioned her video, "As a former lulu employee these are 10/10 + have a butt lifting feature i LOVE, look and feel just like the aligns with no front seam!" With her expertise and glowing review, other users were quick to comment that they needed to get their hands on them.

"Fine I'll buy themmmm," one user wrote.

"Bought!" another said.

"Sold!" another agreed.

"Bought them and I love them!" another person said.

"Running to Amazon!" one user wrote. "Thank god for same day shipping!"

"I need these!" another said.

"Ordered these," a final user wrote. "Obsessed and ordering two more!!"