TikTok freaks out over interaction student had with teacher

A TikToker’s brief but creepy interaction with someone who appears to be his teacher has left fellow users paranoid. On Jan. 4, user @shokshooter posted a clip in which he reaches out to his “teacher” during a virtual call. With his camera off, he unmutes his microphone to get her attention. “Excuse me,” he says, before turning his microphone off. When the “teacher” responds, he then mutes his mic and asks her what page he’s supposed to be on. Somehow, the teacher seems to hear what he says and promptly answers him. “Uh, page 172,” she says. The user then thanks her — again with both his microphone and camera off — and she replies, “You’re welcome”. The TikTok has since been viewed over 40 million times, freaking out thousands of users in the process. “NOOOOO PLEASE I SAY TOO MANY STRANGE THINGS,” one user wrote. Others argued that the interaction was most likely staged. “I have a feeling the teacher is his mom,” another commented