TikTok is feeling incredibly 'uncomfortable' over a simple math problem: 'This feels illegal'

A math problem has TikTok users divided over its unbelievable simplicity.

On Feb. 12, user @bcrn10 shared a video of herself in tears as she pondered a straightforward division equation.

“Just found out 87 is divisible by 29,” she wrote in a text overlay. “What the f***.”

For those who aren’t terribly great at division (or math, in general), 87 can, in fact, be divided by 29. What’s more is that the resulting answer is actually a whole number: 3, to be exact.

That discovery by @bcrn10, which has since gone viral, appeared to confound plenty of TikTok users.

“Not me going to put it into my calculator bc i didn’t believe you,” one person wrote.

“This feels illegal,” another added.

A second TikTok user (@nobody.benji), who also didn’t seem to believe @bcrn10, recorded his own reaction upon finding out that she was right.

“My life is a lie,” @nobody.benji wrote in the caption.

That reaction has gone on to receive more than 2 million likes.

“The fact that it’s true … it makes me uncomfortable,” one person wrote in response to his video.

Others took the opportunity to share several other seemingly bewildering math problems on @nobody.benji’s page.

“People are lying when they say 7 x 8 = 56 like how is it that big,” one person wrote.

“Wait until you hear about 51 being divided by 17,” another commented.

In recent months, TikTok users have taken a special interest in discussing math. Last September, for example, a teenage girl went viral on the social media platform after claiming that math isn’t real. And, several months earlier, TikTok users had some major trouble figuring out what seemed to be a straightforward addition-and-subtraction problem.

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