TikTok Dog Meets Brooke Shields While Out on Walk

The actress is a longtime fan of the dog!

One uber-fashionable Italian greyhound from TikTok had a run-in with one of her biggest fans, who just so happens to be Brooke Shields

The TikTok account tikatheiggy posted a new video in which the dog, Tika, is walking around New York City in a glamorous purple outfit. 

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At the beginning of the video, a voiceover says, "When you meet Brooke Shields on your walk," before it cuts to a clip of the actress and model holding Tika.

Shields says, "I started following you during the pandemic and you just made my life so happy!"

She then gives Tika a kiss, exclaiming, "Oh, thank you!"

The 57-year-old looks seriously starstruck to see Tika, who also looks quite comfortable in Shields' arms. 

Many fans found the encounter amazing, with one person saying, "just a couple supermodels hanging out," while another said, "Two icons ✨✨."

Quite a few people also commented on Shields' beauty, saying, "Brooke is still so beautiful!" 

She worked as a model when she was younger before transitioning into acting, and is known for her striking looks. 

As for Tika, many were also stunned by her glam outfit, with a fan questioning, "Is this what she wears on walks?! 💅✨💖."

Tika, who appears to be based in Montreal, has a lavish lifestyle and is known for her fashion. 

The Italian greyhound has many fancy gowns and cozy sweaters, and she's met quite a few celebrities.

Recently, she partied with Heidi Klum, with the model joking that Tika stole her outfit, while she's hung out with Drew Barrymore a few times in the past, even appearing on The Drew Barrymore Show

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Tika's owner runs the account and appears to be friends with a few other famous dogs on TikTok, including Maxine the corgi, who gained fame for traveling around NYC in her dad's backpack. 

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