TikTok divided over unusual McDonald's 'creamsicle' drink hack: 'I don't believe it'

A foodie’s unusual McDonald’s drink concoction has TikTokers divided.

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The user @hasaneats is all about cheap eats and fast food hacks. He recently posted a viral recipe to make a Mickey D’s orange creamsicle. It only required a McDonald’s fountain drink staple and an unexpected condiment — but not everyone was salivating for the strange beverage.

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“Apparently someone said I should mix McDonald’s creamer in orange Hi-C because it tastes exactly like an orange creamsicle. So creamy. 14/10 bussin,” the video text said.

He mixed a cup of fountain Orange Lavaburst Hi-C with one container of creamer.

“This was so good! Y’all need to try ASAP,” he wrote in the caption.

People on TikTok weren’t so easily persuaded by the recipe. However, there were definitely some converts out there. The clip racked up 5.8 million views.

“I don’t believe it,” one user wrote.

“Bruh don’t play me I’m going first thing in morning,” another said.

“Use the French vanilla syrup. My coworkers do it at my store all the time,” a person replied.

“It was kind of gross actually when I tried it,” another responded.

“Hold up. This was good?? Now I gotta try it. Better not be messing with me,” a TikToker commented.

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