TikTok debates whether woman’s at-home ‘mini Starbucks’ is really worth it: ‘Why do people care what you paid?’

A young woman went viral on TikTok after sharing how she built herself a ‘mini Starbucks’ in her home to save a few extra dollars on drinks each day.

The woman, who goes by Coco (@cosettecutie), shared an initial video of her chic café setup, which includes various coffee machines and syrups used to make Starbucks drinks.

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“You never have to pay $7 for a drink ever again,” Coco wrote.

TikTokers were intrigued by Coco’s dedication to becoming her own Starbucks barista. However, many commenters debated whether or not building a home Starbucks yields financial benefits.

“Now you just have to pay for the machine, cups and ingredients and learn how to make them,” someone commented.

“Yes, the initial cost for all that material is more. But after a certain amount of drinks, you’re saving,” another wrote.

Amid the debate, a TikTok user suggested that Coco break down the cost of making a homemade drink versus buying the same drink at Starbucks.

“I did that a couple months ago for an iced vanilla latte! It was $1.05,” Coco explained. In comparison to paying $3.95 for a small iced vanilla latte at the coffee chain, the homemade version is an excellent bargain in the long run. The machines needed to make high-quality coffee at home are also affordable. Coco shared that the espresso machine she uses in her coffee nook only costs $40!

Coco also provides tips on her TikTok page for people interested in making their favorite Starbucks drinks at home. In one video, Coco emphasized the importance of following recipes in the same order as Starbucks and using the closest ingredients to the authentic drink.

Coco even posts various tutorial videos on making popular Starbucks drinks at home. In one TikTok, Coco walked through the recipe for a Cinnamon Dolce Iced Latte.

“For some reason, people were very offended when I said I built myself a coffee bar so I never have to pay $7 for a Starbucks drink ever again. You do not have to spend a ton of money to have your own coffee nook at home,” Coco said.

“Why do people care what you paid? You are saving money in the long run!” A TikToker commented.

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