This TikTok dad is why we can't have nice things

A dad on TikTok has divided the internet

over whether his behavior in a recent

upload was over-the-line or just a joke.

Brian Wells, who goes by @countrydad12 on

the app, only joined the social media platform

on April 22 and has already stirred up controversy.

In two of his videos, Wells can be seen

scolding his kids for not doing their chores .

before smashing several Apple

products and a TV with a hammer

and baseball bat respectively.

The second video went viral on Twitter

after user @Blackkout__ tweeted it with

the caption: “Toxic parenting or nah?”.

Over 18,000 people replied to the tweet.

“Breaking their belongings IS a

form of abuse. I’m disgusted with

all of you agreeing with this".

However, in a follow-up TikTok, Wells

addressed the accusations and said the

kids were in on the joke to begin with.

Wells went on to explain that it was a

pre-planned skit and that none of the

electronics were usable anymore.

He also added that he and his wife were getting them

new stuff, and followed up with another TikTok of

the kids playing with brand new game consoles.

even with the admission video and the footage of

the kids playing with new products, others remained

unconvinced and still thought it was a dangerous idea.

one comment on the TikTok said, “You’re

teaching your innocent young kids that it is

okay for you to be violent even if it’s just acting.”