TikTok has 'cuteness overload' when baby boy thinks 'circle' is the funniest word

There's nothing like being so young that the world is still totally novel. Everything is new, you're at your most curious and life's mysteries are unfolding. That feeling was captured best when TikTok mom Maggie Tinoco's baby boy, Teo, discovered the word 'circle'. The mom recorded a video of Teo after he had just learned how to say it. people could not get over his infectious laughter at the innocuous word. Tinoco's clip received 3.9 million likes and 16.8 million views. In the video, Tinoco drew circles on a piece of paper and pointed to them. Each time she said, "circle," Teo completely burst into laughter. "What is that? Circle?" Tinoco said. Teo pronounced the word in baby-speak, making phonetically similar sounds. But every time he tried to get the word 'circle' out he would get caught in a fit of giggles. "OMG his laugh is so contagious," one person wrote. "Cuteness overload," a user said