TikTok captures 3-year-old saving his little brother’s life

This heroic three-year-old saved his baby brother from choking, and the amazing moment had jaws dropping all over TikTok!

Grace Watkins (@gracewatkins5448) is a parent and TikToker who shares sweet and sometimes funny moments in the life of her family. Recently, Grace was recording her toddler and baby playing together, when something scary and unexpected occurred: Grace’s baby nearly choked on a piece of plastic. Fortunately, Grace’s three-year-old toddler was there to save the day, swooping into action and pulling the plastic out of his brother’s mouth!

The video begins with Grace’s toddler standing on the front porch wearing a t-shirt and shorts. The little boy swings a hula hoop around his waist and grins at the camera. Then, Grace’s baby toddles into frame. He stands directly in front of the camera, grinning and dancing.

Wanting to get in on the action, Grace’s toddler approaches the camera and begins dancing with his baby brother. The carefree toddler hops up and down holding the hula hoop. He is smiling at the camera, and seems totally absorbed in playtime with his baby brother.

But then, something unexpected happens. Grace’s toddler looks at his baby brother and notices something is awry. The baby has a piece of plastic in his mouth!

Without hesitating, Grace’s toddler shifts from playful sibling to responsible big brother. He reaches out and grabs his younger brother by the shoulders, then pulls the piece of plastic out of his mouth. Then, he hands the piece of plastic to his mom.

“When your three-year-old handles the hell out of being a big brother,” Grace writes in a caption.

Viewers were shocked and impressed by the responsible three-year-old.

“The way he just turned into an adult real quick,” one viewer wrote.

“That face went from ‘I’m a child having fun’ to ‘I’m a mother of seven and know exactly what needs to be done.’ That is a brilliant and brave kid,” another TikToker chimed in.

“Absolutely extraordinary. His attention, maturity, [and] understanding of dangers and responsibility. That is an incredibly emotionally advanced little boy,” commented another viewer.

Grace’s baby is lucky to have such a caring and responsible big brother!

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