Artist stuns social media with ‘bedazzled’ snack food creations: ‘You could make millions’

If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, then a bedazzled bag of Funyuns has to be a close second.

At the very least, they make for an eye-catching art project. That’s the philosophy behind the work of Claire Hentschker, a TikTok user who’s gone viral for her uncanny ability to turn junk food into jewelry.

Hentschker’s creations, which have earned millions of views over the past few months, include everything from a jewelry-clad bag of M&Ms to a fully bedazzled Capri Sun pouch.

“So this represents the majority of my accomplishments for the last few months,” Hentschker says in her most popular video, where she showcases a table full of sparkly snacks. “I’ve gotta say, I’m pretty proud of myself.”

Her projects aren’t limited to food, either. She’s also crafted blinged-out versions of everything from toilet paper to antibacterial wipes.

The TikToker even has a video showing her process, which she’s said can take several hours for a single item. That’s because, according to her videos, she applies each plastic gem by hand.

Her followers seem impressed by the work, to say the least.

“You could make millions if you sell these,” one commenter wrote.

“You need to be a jeweler,” another added.


As of now, it seems like Hentschker has no plans of selling the tasty, sparkly creations, but maybe, someday, jewelry stores will be selling as many Cheetos as they do necklaces.

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