This Dyson Cordless Vacuum Dupe Is on Major Sale Right Now

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This Dyson Vacuum Dupe Is Currently on Major SaleYouTube

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It's no secret that a quality vacuum is one of the most—if not, the most—essential parts of every clean home—but they often come at a price. Though there are plenty of affordable vacuums on the web, the very best game-changing-level good models can often set you back a few hundred dollars. (Not exactly ideal for anyone on a budget.) But, if you're looking for a vacuum that hits the sweet spot between quality and affordability, then consider the Belfie Cordless Vacuum Cleaner your new best friend—and, it's currently only $99.

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Cordless Vacuum Cleaner


With a sleek, stylish design and cordless construction, this cleaner reminds us of Dyson's almighty models—for a fraction of the price, no less. This particular vacuum brushless motor can reach up to 90,000 rotations per minute, so it works hard to pick up dust bunnies, food crumbs, and dirt particles quickly and efficiently. It also has a runtime of 50 minutes, so you can easily clean most of your home in one fell swoop. And, thanks to its various attachments, you can take care of every nook and cranny. (It's no wonder why Belfie's cordless vacuum has nearly 5,000 reviews on Amazon and a 4.2/5 rating on the site.)

While Belfie's cordless vacuum costs $149, which is already a fraction of the price of some Dyson models. But right now, Amazon has knocked the price down to $109, plus a $10 off coupon on top of that, making it just $99. So if you didn't get that Dyson that was on your Christmas list, now is your chance.

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