TikTok of 4 best friends who got pregnant at the same time twice goes viral

These four best friends managed to pull off every mother’s dream.

There’s nothing better than going through life with your best friends. Well, except maybe knowing that your kids will be best friends with your best friends’ kids. TikToker Maddie Castellano got to live the dream when she and her four besties learned they were expecting at the same time.

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“Story time on how four best friends got pregnant at the same time TWICE,” she wrote in the caption.

Castellano explained that all their babies were born within weeks of each other.

“Since birth, they have been best friends. We do so many things together, and it’s been so fun that they’ve been little buddies since they [were] in the womb,” she said.

Then, over a year later, the foursome found out they were each pregnant again. The best friends gave birth around the same time again, too.

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“Now all of our kids have best friends for life,” Castellano said.

The touching story received 1.5 million likes on TikTok.

“This is my dream for me and my besties,” a user commented.

“My best friend and I had all four kids at the same time. None of them more than one month apart, and one set of them [was] only two days apart,” a person wrote.

“I feel like this is every mom’s dream. What an incredible support system you have, too!” someone added.

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