Tig Notaro Details Finding Love With Stephanie Allynne After "A Pretty Crazy Time"

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Comedian Tig Notaro and her wife, actress Stephanie Allynne, are as sweet as can be together.

The couple is often posting adorable pictures of each other on social media, which prompts many "aww"s and heart emojis from fans. In a 2015 interview with Cosmopolitan, Tig couldn't stop gushing about her love, calling their relationship "so easy." Meanwhile, Stephanie agreed: "We both talk about how we wake up every morning just thrilled."

The Army of the Dead star and The L Word: Generation Q star's love story dates back over a decade ago when the two actresses found themselves shooting the same movie, In a World. At the time, Tig was cast as Cher while Stephanie was set to play Nancy. But it wasn't until a year later when the two were at Sundance that they started to become something more, according to Stephanie.

Photo credit: David Livingston
Photo credit: David Livingston

In that year before their reunion, Tig experienced a lot. As reported by The Guardian, in March of 2012, Tig collapsed while experiencing excruciating pain. She was soon diagnosed with Clostridium difficile infection, a potentially fatal condition where bacterium can cause life-threatening inflammation of the colon. After starting to recover, she then received a phone call that her mother, Susie, was in a coma.

After her mother died, Tig found out that she had invasive stage-2 breast cancer and would need a double mastectomy (she is now cancer-free). She and her then girlfriend were also breaking up. To The Guardian, Tig described this period of her life as "a pretty crazy time."

"I didn't witness any of it, and then when I saw her again, she had already had her surgery, and she seemed the exact same," Stephanie recalled to Cosmo.

Meanwhile, Tig told the outlet that being with Stephanie after having gone through so much "felt like the first, real grounding relationship" that she ever had been in.

Tig explained: "Even though I'd had many great relationships and wonderful people, and fun, and loving, and all that stuff, it was more just, 'Oh my gosh, I can't believe after that hell that this grounding person has come along.'"

The pair went on to enjoy dinner dates and a casual "gray area" of hanging out before making things official.

"Everything about her felt right," Stephanie once told People. "I knew I liked her, I knew I cared about her and that sent me into an identity crisis spiral. I felt the need to label myself. Was I gay? Was I bi? Was I still straight? Was I ever straight?"

She continued: "It took me six months to realize those labels were ridiculous. Once I was able to own my true feelings it was all easy and beautiful. I now don’t believe in the labels."

In January of 2015, the two announced that they had gotten engaged over the New Year holiday. On October 24, 2015, Tig and Stephanie tied the knot in Tig's hometown of Pass Christian, Mississippi, according to Us Weekly. Wedding guests reportedly included Lucy Lawless, Lake Bell, Alicia Silverstone, Sarah Silverman and Jessica Williams.

Tig and Stephanie then became parents of two twin sons, Max and Finn, who were born via surrogate on June 26, 2016.

Over the past few years, both have been plenty busy with their own projects. In May, Tig's latest film Army of the Dead gets released and she is set to act in the upcoming TV movie Other Plans and the biography Am I Ok?, according to her IMDB. Meanwhile, Stephanie recently wrapped up playing Nat on The L Word: Generation Q series and plays Kris on the show Indebted.

Photo credit: Angela Weiss
Photo credit: Angela Weiss

Reflecting on meeting Stephanie all those years ago, it's clear Tig feels nothing but grateful to have crossed paths. She told The Guardian that it wasn't until she met Stephanie that she "understood the importance of marriage, because I didn’t know how not to be with her."

"Part of that is because everything I went through really opened me up [to being with someone]," she reflected. "But really, the majority of the credit should go to Stephanie for being an extraordinary person.”

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