Tiffani Thiessen's husband says she made the first move: ‘She leaned in and laid one on me’

Tiffani Thiessen may have been better known as Kelly Kapowski during her “Saved by the Bell” days – but her husband Brady Smith isn’t shy to admit that he never saw an episode of the show before meeting her in person.

Thiessen tells Yahoo Lifestyle that she and Smith were working on set together for a different project when a friend made mention of the “sweet” man from Texas. And although it was up to Smith to set up their first date, he explains that it was actually Thiessen who made the first real move.

“Obviously I wanted to kiss her but I wasn’t gonna be that dude that tries to kiss on the first date. But then she leaned in and laid one on me,” Smith says. “And I don’t even remember the drive home.”

“Baby, you just swept me off my feet,” Thiessen adds. “What can I say?”

When it came to the proposal, Smith made sure to keep wooing the actress by crafting an elaborate project to pop the question.

“I made a book, and I called it The Tiffani & Brady Chronicles,” he says. “Each page was trips we’ve taken, stuff that we had done together, special sweet moments. And then the last page, I drew myself down on one knee proposing. And then when she got to that page, she looked up and I got down on one knee and proposed.”

Little did the pair know that Smith’s sentimental surprise would foreshadow a project that they would be inspired to do after having their two children together and living what Smith calls a “pretty wonderfully boring” life at home.

“Dinner time is sacred, special. There’s no electronics. We sit down and we’re like, ‘How was your day?’ This is time to catch up and communicate,” Smith explains. “We think technology is a wonderful thing. Sometimes it’s too much.”

That’s why when Thiessen caught her husband pushing one of their children on the swing with one hand, while staring at his phone in the other, she quickly shouted out to him, “You’re missing it!”

Now, they’re reminding other parents to not do the same with their new children’s book titled after Thiessen’s warning, which came out on April 30.

“Our book is about a father who’s on the phone and his son is just trying to get him to look up and just not miss the little things, the wonderful things in life,” Smith says.

“I think sometimes when you see those simple things through the eyes of kids, it’s kind of amazing,” Thiessen remarks.

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