Throw Orange Slices In An Air Fryer And Watch Magic Happen

Orange slices
Orange slices - Mediterranean/Getty Images

From a sweet, peeled snack to freshly squeezed orange juice, there are numerous ways to enjoy the humble orange. While most recipes use this fruit while it's room temperature or cold, oranges are just as delicious after they've been warmed up. From healing mugs of orange tea to warm and vibrant orange jams spread on toast, this fruit always serves a delicious purpose as a great source of vitamin C.

Another way to enjoy an orange is by heating a few slices of this fruit in your air fryer. This quick-heating machine can warm orange slices up in minutes, leaving you with beautifully caramelized end products. The intense heat of the air fryer perfectly warms the orange until its flesh softens, and each bite contains a burst of warm citrus flavor. If you've got an air fryer and are a fan of oranges, here's how you can make this treat at home — and what others have to say about it.

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What TikTok Has To Say About Air-Fried Oranges

Oranges with yogurt and granola
Oranges with yogurt and granola - thejenjones / TikTok

Plant-based TikTok creator Jen Jones is the mastermind behind this easy orange hack. To make the magic happen, Jones suggests cutting an orange into slices and removing the flesh from the peel with a knife. A serrated knife will work best. From there, the sweet slices are drizzled with maple syrup and cinnamon before going into a 400-degree Fahrenheit air fryer for four minutes. After cooking, the orange slices are layered with yogurt and granola for a complete and sunny breakfast.

With Jones's video currently standing at over 620,000 likes, it seems many people are fans of this bright idea. Some TikTokers took to the comments to express their enthusiastic interest in this snack. One user praised the inventor of the air fryer for giving us snacks like these, while another said it was way overdue for them to buy one and try this recipe out.

Oranges are far from the only fruit you can roast in your air fryer, but they are one of the best. Other commenters were eager to try this hack with other fruits like pineapple and grapefruit. If you're still on Team Orange, try this method and see how you like it. If it becomes a new favorite, there are other fun ways to enjoy these baked oranges, so don't limit your consumption to breakfast.

How To Use Your Beautifully Baked Orange Slices

Bowl of Ambrosia salad
Bowl of Ambrosia salad - Brent Hofacker/Shutterstock

While Jen Jones suggests topping your orange slices with yogurt and granola for a delicious breakfast, these simple baked oranges can elevate other recipes.

For example, warm oranges would do wonders in a soft and creamy Ambrosia salad. While most fruit salads are enjoyed cold, the fruit slices, when served warm, will help make this dessert melt in your mouth. Another easy way to enjoy air-fried oranges is as part of a topping for grilled chicken or fish. Chop the baked orange slices and add them into a wholesome mix of different ingredients like cilantro, tomatoes, and sweet chili sauce to create a quick, savory salsa. If you enjoy sweet condiments, air-fried orange slices also work well in other variations on the same theme, like in our cranberry-orange salsa.

For other ways to enjoy this ingredient as part of dessert, consider featuring them as a topping for sweet cinnamon rolls or cakes to add a bright flair. However, if you're not up for creating a new recipe, you could even enjoy these air-fried oranges by themselves. How you choose to apply this hack is up to you.

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