Throw Out Your Broken Sandals: This Sitewide Vince Camuto Sale Is Here to Save Your Summer

vince camuto
Hi, This Vince Camuto Shoe Sale Is Kinda a Dream??Vince Camuto

UMM, hi, can someone pls let me know how I can stop time because there’s actually no way next week is the start of May? If that made you do a quick lil calendar check, I don’t blame you. Alas, a new month is starting v soon—and another thing coming up quick? Summer. Besides immediately ditching my many layers of clothing and swapping them out for baby tees and denim skirts this season (this is the unofficial summer uniform for all the hot girls, I’m calling it now!), planning out my shoes requires a much more different approach.

As someone who lives in NYC, I love a good pair of boots that can dress up a basic outfit, and I adore my sneakers—which I practically live in—even more. But during the summertime? Boots are not the move, nor are any shoes that require me to put on a pair of stuffy socks tbh. Which means that I’m now in the market for chic sandals, raffia platforms, and other flats that will come center stage as soon as the temperature gets a bit higher. So there truly couldn’t be better timing on Vince Camuto’s part, who is currently offering 30% off pretty much everything on their site right now through May 3rd when you use the code 'SPRINGBFF'.

Look, I’m not here to tell you what to do, buttttt good quality shoes can get ‘spensive real quick. If you have a fab summer vacay planned (I’m jealous), your bestie’s wedding, or just plan on roaming the streets like a modern day Carrie Bradshaw in a pair of incred heels—now is the time to stock up and save some coin.

We know our girl Carrie spent way more than she could afford on her shoes, and while she’ll forever be an icon for that (remember the shoes in the oven?!), it’s just not realistic for the majority of us.

Already planning out all the upcoming OOTDs in your head? Same. Reminder, this sale is only a week long, and sizes sell out quicker than you can say “Aidan Shaw deserved better.” We’ve shown you our favorite picks, but there is so much more avail on Vince Camuto’s site, including cute accessories and handbags. Live your best Sex and the City life this summer, you deserve it.

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