Thousands of Amazon Shoppers Swear By This Menopause Relief Supplement That's Said to Relieve Hot Flashes Quickly

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Menopause is not a sudden event, it takes a while, with perimenopause starting as early as someone’s 30s. While we all know it’s coming (or we’re in the midst of it), it doesn’t make the array of symptoms any less daunting.

Menopause is a natural part of aging, something incredibly common that women deal with every day. Thanks to advancements in technology in medicine, there are ways to relieve symptoms. Now, while there are a lot of symptoms like hot flashes, night sweats, weight gain, and more, but there are always a few that are more persistent than others. If you’re really hating hot flashes and night sweats, we may have found the supplement to add to your everyday self-care routine.

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Courtesy of Amberen - Credit: Amberen.
Courtesy of Amberen - Credit: Amberen.


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Buy: Amberen Menopause Relief Supplements $28.47-$66.82

The Amberen: Safe Multi-Symptom Menopause Relief supplement supply is a clinically tested supplement designed to relieve 12 of the most common menopause symptoms. From mood swings to hot flashes, night swears to low energy; this little supplement claims to do it all! Along with relief, it’s made with unique ingredients like vitamin E, minerals, and amino acids, all to create an estrogen-free tool you’ll surely love.

Per the brand, over 90 percent of women saw a reduction in their hot flashes, 80 percent saw a reduction in mood swings, and over 75 percent saw a reduction in night sweats and an increase in energy.

Whether you want a 30-day or 90-day supply, taking it is very simple. All you have to do is take it once a day, along with any other supplements you might be taking, per the brand.

With over 20,000 reviews, so many swear by this for relieving their menopause symptoms. One Amazon shopper said, “I started menopause at 42 due to a hysterectomy at 39. My mood swings were intense, but the hot flashes and weight gain were unbearable. I’ve tried all of the over-counter options, and this is the only one that has truly helped.”

Another shopper said, “I too was plagued with hot flashes. A friend told me to give this a try. I did, it took 90 days for my hot flashes to be down to 3-4 a day, but that is a huge blessing for me.”


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