I Thought This Beauty Device Was Completely Unnecessary, and Now I Can’t Live Without It

Amanda Richards
·3 min read

I Thought This Beauty Device Was Completely Unnecessary, and Now I Can’t Live Without It

As it turns out, not all steam is created equal.

When it comes to my beauty routine, I like to think of myself as a practical sort of person. When I find a product I love, I stick to it. Mid-quarantine and winter, my day-to-day beauty rituals have been easily pared down to what I consider to be most essential—washing, toning, and heavily moisturizing. And in the past, when I’ve wanted to open up my pores for a deeper cleanse, I’ve either stood in a hot shower for a little longer than usual or gone the old school route: boiling water in a pot and sitting over it with a towel over my head. It’s not glamorous, but it’s effective.

All of that considered, the idea of purchasing a facial steamer seemed absolutely ludicrous to me—why would I pay actual money for something I could create for free in the shower or with the help of my stock pot? But then, one day, amidst a full-blown quarantine spiral, I decided to open my mind and invest in the NanoSteamer Ionic Facial Steamer, a three-in-one facial steaming device. Since then, my beauty routine has never been the same.

To buy: $49; walmart.com.

The NanoSteamer combines traditional steam with an ultra-sonic vapor. It’s not just a facial steamer: The three settings allow you to steam your face and unclog your pores, humidify your room, and even warm up small towels for the ultimate home-spa experience. I’ve used the device all three ways, and while all are effective, my preferred method is to use it to steam my face.

To use the NanoSteamer, all you have to do is fill the water reservoir, wait for it to heat up, and then hold it about 6 inches away from your face and steam. The larger 200-ml water reservoir emits hot steam for about 30 minutes (many other smaller steamers only run for about 10 minutes), which means you get to treat yourself to a little bit of down time while the NanoSteamer does the hard work. When I use it, I typically listen to podcasts and zone out—it really does feel like I’m in a spa, and sometimes when I open my eyes, I’m truly shocked to learn I’m in my own bathroom.

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Once you’re done steaming, you can apply any serums, masks, or skin treatments you use. Sometimes, I use a clay mask for a very deep pore detox, or a moisturizing mask with active ingredients I really want to penetrate into my skin.

I know what you’re thinking: I could still just as easily steam my face with a boiling pot of water and towel. However, after regularly using the NanoSteamer about three or four times per week, I’ve realized that having an actual beauty tool to do the job ritualizes the process and actually makes it enjoyable. I steam far more regularly than I would without it. And the improvement to my skin is beyond noticeable—it’s smoother, I’ve got less blackheads, it retains hydration far better than it did before.

Simply put, I’ve got a glow going on, and I fully believe it’s from the added benefits of regular steam. I might not be able to go to a spa right now, but I could abandon my sense of practicality and splurge on this little piece of self-care heaven. Try it for yourself, and you’ll be glad you did.