Those 'Mrs. Davis' Sneakers Are Real and You Can Buy Them Now

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THE WHOLE thing with Mrs. Davis, Peacock's genre-bending sci-fi thriller comedy about a nun, her cowboy ex-boyfriend, and the search for the holy grail at the behest of a potentially evil and inescapable Artificial Intelligence, is that everything in the show is absurd, but kind of not too far off from anything in our world. We don't have a Mrs. Davis (the name the aforementioned A.I. goes by in the show), but we do have Siri, and Google, and ChatGPT, and...

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Men’s Kings Sl Sneaker


You get the point. So it should come as no surprise, really, that the super cool sneakers that figure prominently in Mrs. Davis—the Kings SL Sneaker from British Knights—aren't fictional or absurd at all; they're 100% real. And, just like Wiley (Jake McDorman) grasping onto a giant sword in an attempt to prove his worthiness, you can wear them for both style and comfort as soon as you want to.

Of course, anyone who's seen Mrs. Davis through episodes 4 and 5 knows that there's a whole lot more to these sneakers than meets the eye—but we'll spare those spoilers for another time. But know that there's a whole conspiracy plot that revolves around one indisputable thing: these British Knights sneakers are damn cool.

Our everyday lives may not be like Wiley, the wealthy cowboy leading a resistance group against a powerful AI. And it may not be like Sister Simone (Betty Gilpin), a magician-hating nun who used to go by the name Lizzy until she crossed paths with a world-famous divine force.

But, again, one thing is universal: those British Knights sneakers are cool. And they're only $64.99.

It'd be tough for any A.I. to make a rational case against a bargain like that.

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