Those Ceramic Christmas Trees You’re About to Box Up Could Be Worth a Ton of Money

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Photo credit: Instagram

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Calling all vintage ceramic Christmas tree owners! As you remove the last few ornaments from this year's Christmas tree, vacuum tinsel from all the nooks and crannies in your floorboards, devour the last of the leftover Christmas cookies, and begin toting all of your Christmas supplies back upstairs to your attic, we suggest you pause for a moment and reconsider. Why? Well, because there's one retro Christmas decoration that you should not put away. In fact, it's back in a big, big way—and could make you some serious cash.

Yes, it's those vintage ceramic Christmas trees your mom and grandma loved that could be worth something. They're all the rage again, and the proof's everywhere: Retailers like Amazon and Walmart are well-stocked with modern variations of these delicate beauties. But it's the older models—available on Etsy—that are most popular of all.

So what's the deal with these ceramic decorations—and why have people been making such a fuss over them for so many decades? Here, we're sharing everything you need to know, plus suggestions for which ones to buy.

For starters, it's important to know the history of the pretty figurines. Believe it or not, the trees first hit the scene back in '40s, but they didn't truly become popular until the '70s. They were first designed (at least officially) by Atlantic Molds, but most vintage ones you'll find at flea markets or online sellers come from Nowell's. Nowadays, many folks collect them and pass them on to family members.

Nowadays, you can find styles in a variety of colors, sizes, and designs too. New ones are typically battery-operated, while antique ones light up with a power cord.

And if you don't own one of these beauties yet, note that you don't have to go the store-bought route! Back in the day, many collectors crafted their very own with pre-made ceramic trees—and you can do the same today. There are tons of DIY kits on the market (particularly over on Etsy), which allow you to paint your own heirloom piece that can be cherished for generations to come.

Wondering what to do with one of these treasures once you find it in your home? First, we recommend sprucing it up a bit (pun very much intended!). You can easily make it look merry and bright again with replacement bulbs and new tree bases. Talk about a Christmas miracle!

Regardless of whether you're on your way to sell one or buy one, though, one thing's for sure: You're going to make Grandma very proud!

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