The ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ End-Credit Scenes Feature the Film’s Biggest Surprise

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Photo credit: Jasin Boland - Marvel Studios
Photo credit: Jasin Boland - Marvel Studios

While we still can’t believe Marvel didn’t decide to call its newest movie Thor 4: More Thor like Gina Linetti wanted, Thor: Love and Thunder is a wonderful return to the Thor universe as the mighty God of Thunder deals with his biggest surprise yet: his ex somehow getting superpowers and using his former weapon. While it’s not a typical “my ex is back” experience, one thing in this movie will still feel familiar and that’s the end-credit scenes. But are they worth staying in the theater for a little bit longer?

Here’s everything you need to know about the end-credit scenes in the new Thor movie.

Are there any end-credit scenes in Thor: Love and Thunder? How many?

You don’t have to be a Marvel superfan to know that you should expect an end-credit scene (or two or three) after every MCU film. So the real question is, how many end-credit scenes does Thor: Love and Thunder have? Well, it has only two, which seems like a small amount for a Marvel film. But trust us, they totally deliver.

Photo credit: Jasin Boland - Marvel Studios
Photo credit: Jasin Boland - Marvel Studios

When do the two end-credit scenes happen? No spoilers, please!

If you’re just trying to figure out if you have to stay until the very end end, we got you. The first end-credit scene starts up after the initial fun credits. The second one, unfortunately, is all the way at the very end of the regular credits, so you’re going to have to stay put for a little longer.

Oops, I totally missed them. What happens in the Thor: Love and Thunder end-credit scenes?

As you probably already know, the end-credit scenes include major spoilers about what went down in the film and what will happen in the future. So this is your warning that there are Thor: Love and Thunder spoilers below. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Alright, in the first end-credit scene, Zeus is getting help from his maidens after he was hit in the chest with his own lightning bolt. He notes that people don’t look to gods anymore and instead turn to heroes to save them now. Zeus then says that people will fear gods again when they see god/superhero Thor fall, and it’s revealed that he’s actually talking to his son Hercules, played by none other than Brett Goldstein, aka Roy Kent from Ted Lasso! We dare you to start a Roy Kent chant in your next viewing.

The second and final scene takes us to somewhere completely unexpected: Valhalla. Jane suddenly finds herself there and is surprised, especially since she technically didn’t die in battle. But it looks like an exception was made for the Mighty Thor as she is greeted by none other than Heimdall. We don’t officially see her accept the invitation into the magical Asgardian afterlife, but at least we know that true warriors do make it there.

Photo credit: Jasin Boland - Marvel Studios
Photo credit: Jasin Boland - Marvel Studios

What does this mean for the future of the MCU?

The movie did end with a “Thor Will Return” panel, so we’re definitely going to see him again. As for Jane, this might be the last time we see her unless they find some way to either bring Jane back to life or allow Thor to travel to her.

Then there’s Hercules. No doubt he’ll be an upcoming villain in the MCU. Whether that’s in another solo Thor film remains to be seen—but at least we already know that Hercules goes after Thor, so we can expect a showdown between the two at some point.

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