This Man Filled in His Beard With Eye Shadow and the Result Is Impressive

While the Web is fairly inundated with beauty tips for women, it can be hard for men to find any sort of answers when dealing with a personal cosmetic problem. So, what’s a man to do when caught in a beauty bind, you ask? Apparently, it’s as simple as reading up on Reddit (or visiting Yahoo Beauty’s Dudes section).

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A man recently posted images of himself after a friend filled in his patchy-looking beard with eye shadow. The results were so astounding that he decided to share the before and after images to the Reddit community in order to demonstrate to others his newfound beauty hack.

The burly-looking beard was crafted using only one product, the E.L.F. Mad for Matte Eyeshadow Palette in black ($10), to fill in any gaps or thin-looking areas. One Reddit commenter was so impressed by the outcome that he wrote, “The makeup definitely takes you from ‘normal guy’ to ‘majestic sea captain,’” making it clear that his beard trick was a huge hit. See the images below to judge for yourself:

Beard without makeup


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Beard with makeup


(Photos: Reddit)

We love this beard shading hack, but is it really the best practice when it comes to filling in your facial hair? Yahoo Beauty spoke with the Grooming Lounge Founder and beard aficionado Mike Gilman for his take on the matter. “I wouldn’t recommend this for your day-to-day beard care since basic daily activities like eating, drinking, or even sweating could cause the makeup to come off,” Gilman explains. “Also, applying makeup to your beard can make it itchy or irritated, and since beards aren’t meant to be perfect, it’s better to just take better general care of the one you already have.”

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However, if you’re looking for ways to darken your beard, don’t give up hope just yet. Most men’s grooming salons offer semi-permanent coloring services to darken gray or lighter-looking beards. Also, a company named Kenmen sells an eyeliner-like product called the Brow & Beard Corrector ($33) to fill in naturally sparse areas.

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