How These Women Reacted When a Man Told a Woman to Stop Putting on Makeup Is Amazing

Lauren Sharkey
Woman putting on lipstick
Is doing your makeup on public transportation anyone’s business? (Photo: Getty Images)

Female solidarity is a great thing. Female solidarity in the presence of a self-righteous man is even better.

On New Year’s Eve, one woman was happily touching up her makeup on the train. Nothing wrong with that, right? A fellow male passenger decided this was unacceptable and told her to stop, as “it’s vulgar.”

Suddenly, every woman in the train car began to fix her own makeup. One of the female passengers tweeted about the incident; a tweet which has since been retweeted more than 1,000 times.

Many replies (from men too) agreed with the women. One stated that “putting on make-up [doesn’t] impact anyone’s life.”

Other women shared similar stories, with one saying that a man told her doing her makeup on a bus was “unbecoming of a lady.”

The woman who originally posted shared that she doesn’t normally do her makeup on the train because she doesn’t want to poke her eye out, which is a very good reason to avoid it.

Seems like these men need a lesson in what it’s really like to be a woman — and minding their own business.

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