This Is the Fastest Way to Slice and Dice Vegetables

Whether you’re preparing a salad or a four-course meal, knife skills are a hallmark of good chef. Good knife skills allow you to slice and dice ingredients with ease and saves prep time. But if you’re not chopping vegetables properly, you can end up with mangled onions and carrots, a mess on your kitchen counter, and — gasp— bloody fingertips.

With this “Tipline,” you can master the art of the knife in just a few minutes to make slicing and dicing vegetables a breeze. Before long you will be dicing onions, chopping greens, and cutting apples and bell peppers like it’s your job.

You’ll cut even-portioned veggies every time. And, pay attention to see why you should have a candle handy when chopping onions.

These easy kitchen techniques will make cooking prep a snap, cut down on cooking time and —hopefully — prevent those accidental fingertip knicks and scrapes.

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