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This 'game changer' outlet adapter, on sale for $14, makes it easy to fit bulky plugs behind furniture

Is it just me, or does it seem like outlets are always "strategically" located in the exact spot where you want to place a big piece of furniture? Either you have to completely rethink the layout of your space, or you live with not having your furniture flush against the wall (a nightmare for perfectionists like myself). Then I discovered these Superdanny outlet adapters. Maybe I'm late to the party, but these babies are a game-changer. Need to charge your phone or plug in your tablet? You can finally do it from the outlet that's right next to your sofa or bed.

Shoppers also love this adapter because it doesn't block the top socket.

$14 at Amazon

Why is this a good deal?

Right now, the adapter is on sale for $14, or 15% off the original price. It may not seem like a huge price drop, but the biggest discount it's ever seen was 25% off during Prime Day. Unless you can live with your furniture floating in the middle of the room for several more months, I say grab this genius plug right now while it's marked down.

Why do I need this?

In addition to solving for that unsightly space between the wall and your furniture, this side outlet adapter also means your cords won't be contorted at an angle that can damage them or yank them from the socket. Plus, it turns one measly power outlet into four, so you can plug in more devices in one spot — no calls to the electrician required.

It's also worth mentioning that another version of this adapter comes with traditional two-prong plugs on three sides and three USB slots on the fourth side — a feature that might work better near your desk, where you might be charging a laptop and other gizmos.

side outlet adapter
This handy outlet adapter is inconspicuous behind sofas, beds, dressers and more.

What reviewers say

Over 1,600 Amazon customers say this gadget is a five-star buy. Many purchased it for the same reason it caught my eye — it's the furniture fix we've all been looking for.

"Great design," one customer said. "It does exactly what I needed it to do. It fits behind our bedroom dresser drawers so we can plug in our clock but still have the dresser pushed back against the wall."

Another person wrote, "I have my bed next to the wall, so there is little to no room to fit those bulky USB adapters plus the cable! This is definitely a game changer as it saves space. It also allows me to plug in my laptop from the side and even iPad from the other! Just a great purchase and will definitely be buying one for behind the sofa and my office area!"

"This socket extender solves my needs perfectly," said a final buyer. "I didn't like having my kitchen countertop appliances and electronics plugs sticking straight out. This little gadget allows me to plug a couple of devices and their plugs hug the wall and are out of the way. ... Of note: The extender itself is three-pronged. However, anything you plug into it must be two-pronged. It's not a drawback or flaw, it's just how it is designed." (Note: There is one three-prong outlet on front of the adapter.)

Need an outlet adapter with integrated USB ports? This version, ideal for a workspace, has you covered.

$14 at Amazon

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