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'I don't think five stars is enough': This cleaner shines and protects your tires and it's on sale for just $5 (over 50% off)

Even after a thorough clean, some cars just don't seem to ever have that brand new look again. Know why? The tires! If your tires are old and scuffed, it takes away from the overall look of your vehicle — but even old and well-used tires can look better with the right cleaning spray. To get that "off the lot" look, give Meguiar's Hot Shine Tire Foam a try. It promises to clean and shine your tires while leaving behind a protective layer that helps prevent them from getting quite as dirty as before. It's on sale at Amazon for only $5.

This tire-cleaning spray cuts through dirt and leaves behind a long-lasting shine. 

$5 at Amazon
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$7 at Lowe's$5 at Target

Why is this a good deal?

This foam is down to just $5 from its usual price of $12. Even at full price, it's a great deal compared to other options. Most tire cleaning sprays start around $15 and only go up in price from there. Add in the fact that an average car detailing costs over $150 on average, and you can save yourself a ton of dough with this deal.

Why do I need this?

A clean car is more than a luxury. Keeping your vehicle clean prolongs the life of the paint job and removes debris and grit that might cause damage. It also helps if you plan to sell the car. Just ask yourself: Would you rather buy a dirty, beat-up car or one that is sparkling clean? Meguiar's Ho Shine Tire Foam cuts through grime on your tires, even if you've ground it in with a few hundred miles of travel. Just hold the can about six inches away from the tire and spray an even coating over the rubber.

The coating will keep your tires nice and shiny for a long time to come. It also has water-resistant polymers mixed into the spray. This means you won't need to rub on another coat each time it rains — you can expect a few weeks of protection with each application.

foam cleaner
Give your tires that fresh-off-the-lot look they haven't had since that John Denver/Country Roads incident. You know the one. (Amazon)

What reviewers say

"The coat and shine are great. Not too obnoxiously shiny or oily. It dries completely solid — no oily residue left on the surface. This one gives a very deep and dark and natural shine and shade," wrote one reviewer.

Another fan said, "Of all the aerosols I've used over the last 22 years of taking care of my vehicles, this is by far the best aerosol tire shine I've ever used. Spray pattern and consistency are key. This aerosol has one of the best nozzles I've ever used. I still suggest lightly wiping the tire with a paper towel after spraying to reduce/eliminate any excess product getting flung off the tire onto your paint/wheels when driving."

"It makes the tires so shiny and it lasts for a while — way more than anything else," raved another shopper. "I don't think five stars is enough."

"Wow!!! What a fantastic product," said yet another one of the foam's 7,000 satisfied users. "Leaves a realistic brand new tire look."

The only thing to be aware of is that the smell can be a bit less than pleasant. "I hate the smell, but it works well."

This tire-cleaning spray cuts through dirt and leaves behind a long-lasting shine. 

$5 at Amazon
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$7 at Lowe's$5 at Target

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