This Amazing L’Oreal Ad Tackles the Science of Diversity

We hear a lot about makeup lacking diversity, and women of color tend to get the short end of the stick. A few brands have tackled the issue, but unfortunately it’s still not the standard and the range of deeper colors can be limited and lack dimension. L’Oréal is the first drugstore brand to delve deeply into this problem, and the result is a range of complex makeup shades with deeper dimension. “With our work in the Women in Color Lab, we’re focused on customizing, personalizing and thinking about every single woman individually,” beauty chemist Balanda Atis tells Yahoo Beauty. “We’re constantly evaluating our product lines and expanding our offerings. Our work is transformative – it’s not only bringing more diversity to products - it’s helping to change attitudes about makeup. There can be and should be options for everyone.” Women of color can kiss flat foundation shades goodbye thanks to this accessibly priced range of products coming out of L’Oréal’s lab.

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