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This $9 callus eliminator will get your feet sandal-ready: 'Worked better then any pedicure I've had'

With spring comes T-shirts, sundresses, linen pants and, of course, sandals. While pedicures can be a salvation for dry, rough skin that has accumulated over the winter, they can be costly. And unless you're regularly sloughing off the dead skin from your heels, a trip to the salon is a temporary fix. While some at-home remedies like the Baby Foot peel can do the job, they take about a week before things start to look better. If you're hankering for a quick, affordable remedy, ProLinc's Callus Eliminator is a great option, fans say.

This professional-grade formula helps break down even the most stubborn calluses, leaving you with spring-ready feet.

$9 at Amazon

ProLinc Callus Eliminator works by softening the existing callus, making it a cinch to buff away. It's easy to use too: First, soak your feet in warm water until the skin is nice and pink. Spread ProLinc over calluses and wait three to five minutes. Once the gel has had time to soak in, gently slough off the dead skin with a pumice stone or foot file. Finally, wash from the ankle down. Want to top off your self-treatment with some extra moisture? A heel rescue cream will make you feel like you just had a spa day.

Over 5,400 shoppers have given this treatment a five-star review. "I am amazed at how easily and well this product works!" wrote one shopper, who said their nail tech recommended it. "It is the absolute best and easiest exfoliator I have ever used for my feet. I have had professional pedicures. This product worked better than any pedicure I have had."

bottle of ProLinc callus eliminator
Sure, you could head to the salon to take care of calluses, but this little bottle is a whole lot cheaper than a pedi. (Amazon)

"Holy grail of foot care," said another ecstatic user. "I have badly, and regularly, callused feet ... After five to seven minutes of soaking in the callus gel, I used the callus file; what I thought was the callus gel congealing on the file turned out to be my calluses coming off. Still not sure if I am impressed or disgusted, but either way, my feet feel and look amazing!"

Many fans lament that they wish they had found ProLinc sooner: "I spent quite a bit of time and money looking for an electric pedicure tool to remove the callus off the ball of my feet," confessed one. "I'm on my second pedicure callus remover and was searching for a better one when this came up in my search. After reading the reviews I decided to give it a try. Oh, what a relief ... my feet don't hurt anymore after just one application! Not only is this product much more effective at removing calluses, it is also much cheaper!"

"I was kind of skeptical since I've never used something like this before, but wow!" said another fan. "I have super thick calluses on my feet that are a huge pain to remove by filing or scraping. Just a little of this solution and they rub right off!" They offered the following warning, though: "The only negative is how annoying it is to apply. You have to be very particular about putting it on only the calluses."

Got three to five minutes? That's all you need for this callus-busting treatment.

$9 at Amazon

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