Thin And Crispy Cheez-It Barbecue Crackers Are The Cheesy Snack Of My Dreams

Joseph Neese
Photo credit: Cheez-It
Photo credit: Cheez-It

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Without a doubt, the hot new food trend is crackers so thin they resemble chips. Ritz has its own variety called Crisp & Thins, which come in flavors like bacon or sea salt. If you're into spicy foods, Ritz's Tabasco-branded package will absolutely fire up your taste buds.

Cheez-It is also in on the craze with its Snap'd line. Made with 100% real cheese, these hybrid chip-crackers come in three fun flavors: double cheese; cheddar, sour cream, and onion; and jalapeño jack. Their crispy texture and crunchy sound are guaranteed to convert even the most faithful potato chip fans into newfound cracker connoisseurs.

Now, there's a new flavor on the block: barbecue. Instagram sleuth @dadbodsnacks spotted the new packages at a local Walmart. "I’m surprised this wasn’t one of the original flavors," he wrote on his post.

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And if the comments are any indication, he's not far off. One user proclaimed them to be the "best flavor" ever. And who would dare to argue that the pairing of cheese and barbecue aren't a match made in heaven?

Sadly, these are branded as a "limited time only" snack, so you better grab a bag (or two or three) while you still can. Walmart's website has a suggested retail price of $2.88 for a 7.5 ounce bag, and that's a deal if I ever heard one!

BTW: Have you ever tried Cheez-Its instead of bread crumbs in meatloaf? I bet the hint of barbecue would really kick things up a notch.

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