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'Love this thing': Win the holidays with the $25 sherpa-lined Snuggie

You, of course, have already met the Snuggie, the famous sleeved blanket that has turned many a couch into a cozy haven. But haaaave you met its cousin, the Sherpa Snuggie? Laugh if you want — we’ll wait. Because once you slip your arms into this warm and snuggly full-frontal cape of goodness — lined with super-soft fleece — you’ll never want to take it off. It’s beyond soothing, just the thing to get you through the winter, and makes the perfect gift for pretty much anyone on your "Nice List" this holiday season.

Lined with super-soft sherpa, this über-cozy Snuggie is sure to be a hit, whether as a treat for yourself or wrapped up under the tree.

$25 at Amazon

This soft and snuggly Snuggie achieves peak coziness on contact. And should you choose to rise, you’ll find it has roomy patch pockets (for storing your phone, snacks, remote) and extremely generous sleeves. It’s as close as you’ll get to becoming one with your favorite throw blanket. And just like that throw — and the coveted “best spot” on the couch — everyone in the house will be fighting over the Sherpa Snuggie, so you may well want to grab two. Or even more, considering everyone on your gift list this holiday season deserves a shot at ultimate coziness!

Choose among a plethora of colors and patterns at $25 a pop, including striking purple and royal blue — though some varieties do range from $40 to $45 each. This piece fits everyone and looks equally cute/goofy on teens, twentysomethings, mid-lifers and beyond, so it's ideal for leaving under the tree for pretty much anyone in the fam. Truly, it’s the only item we can think of for the upcoming holidays that every member of your family can “wear.”

One for you, a few for them — you'll be the most popular gifter this holiday season with the Sherpa Snuggie!
One for you, a few for them — you'll be the most popular gifter this holiday season with the Sherpa Snuggie!

Nearly 4,000 Amazon shoppers have bestowed the Sherpa Snuggie with a perfect five-out-of-five star rating, with many raving about the wearable blanket's comfort and warmth. One savvy gifter treated her husband to one as an early Christmas present: "I bought this for my husband who complains he's always cold and he's blanket isn't big enough or long enough for him," said the reviewer. "I let him open this a couple weeks early for Christmas and he's in love with it. He can play his video games without his arms being cold and it's long enough to tuck under his feet. I did good with this purchase. He's also fallen asleep within an hour of using it for the first time!"

Another shopper gave it to their always-chilly father: "My 83 year old dad gets cold on even the warmest days. This is handy as he can slip it on and it stays put. Plus, it allows him to keep his arms covered when he moves around."

It's worth treating yourself to one, too. "Love this thing, it feels good, it keeps me warm and its so useful!!!" gushed a happy customer. "I'm going to buy another, so if I'm on a car trip or something, I have it with me. If I can give it [10 stars] I would!"

If you keep your house at a brisk temperature through the winter, always lose the remote in your pile of blankets, and dread slipping your arms out from under the covers to change the channel, this Snuggie is for you. Go ahead: slip into something more comfortable. You’ll feel so much better when you do.

You might think the idea of a wearable blanket with sleeves is silly now, but you certainly won't regret picking one up once the chilliest winter temps hit.

$25 at Amazon

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