There's a Star Hidden Among These Pumpkins and Ghosts. Can You Find It?

Christy Piña
·1 min read

Gergely Dudás has done it again. The brain-teasing artist has given his fans a polar bear among ghosts, an egg among bunnies, and a cat among owls. Now, it's time to find the star among pumpkins and ghosts.

Dudás masterful puzzles can be found on his website and social media accounts, but he also has books full of seek-and-find pictures for Halloween, Christmas, and Springtime. This Halloween-themed puzzle comes from Bear's Spooky Book of Hidden Things, and throws in a few rabbits, bears, and penguins to make it more difficult.

Depending on your experience with brain teasers, this particular puzzle might easy for you, but if you don't do them that often, it might take a little extra time. Either way, Halloween is fast approaching, and we love a good brain teaser. So, see how quickly you find the star below:

Photo credit: Gergely Dudás - The Dudolf
Photo credit: Gergely Dudás - The Dudolf

If you couldn't find it, don't fret. According to studies by Lenstore, there is actually some science behind how people solve puzzles. Women tend to find the hidden object faster than mend do, but both genders are more likely to find it if they exercise often. At most, it takes most people 45 seconds.

Found the shining star quickly? Good for you! If you didn't, limit your search to the lower left quadrant.

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