Therapy Great Dane and His Pack Befriend Widowed Grandma and It's Everything

Dogs are such intuitive creatures, and when a person is sad or upset, dogs often display signs of empathy and may exhibit comforting behaviors. Dogs can pick up on subtle cues such as changes in facial expressions, tone of voice, and body posture.

We don't know if Kernel, the rescue dog, knew that the lady whom he and his owner befriended was in need of some kindness but the following beautiful story posted by @Kernelthegreat will make you believe he brought these two together.

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In the video the owner explains that she and Kernel had met a sweet older couple in the woods and that on a subsequent video the man of the couple, named Cal, wasn't with his wife Maura. Maura sadly explained that her husband had died the week prior.

Losing one's life partner is an unimaginable experience. We can't begin to comprehend the depths of grief that accompanies such a profound loss. Everyone in the world understands that those we love die, but until it happens to you it's nearly impossible to understand that feeling of sorrow. We can't help but feel that this beautiful rescue dog actually sensed this, and brought these two humans together. The bench where they met is the same bench they last saw Cal and his wife together.

It's just so touching how they have all become friends and they meet for a weekly hike. We love the way Kernel's owner concludes the video by explaining, "I wish I could ease the hurt, but at least we can both use our grief to grow new love."

We hope becoming pack grandma has helped to ease Maura's mourning a bit.

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