Pepper on ‘The Masked Singer’ Is 1,000 Percent Natasha Bedingfield

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Photo credit: Fox
Photo credit: Fox

The theories were right, bestie—Pepper was none other than the singing sensation Natasha Bedingfield! But before you have a lil dance party to Unwritten, watch Natasha's precious unmasked interview:

The Masked Singer is quite literally becoming too hot to handle, and by that I mean we’re now dealing with something called the Pepper, a spicy and cheerful season 6 arrival that, frankly, has infected me with its positive vibes. Like, I LOVE PEPPER! Look at its smile! This Pepper radiates joy, and after being forced to watch Baby perform with the voice of an adult male, I will take anything this show gives me. Even a giant singing vegetable.

Anyway, at this point, The Masked Singer has somehow been on for six seasons, and we know how this works: A “celebrity” is currently living inside that Pepper, and the time has come to theorize about who the poor thing is. In the words of The Masked Singer’s theme song: “Who is that! Do do do do dooo!” Time to analyze.

The Clues

The Masked Singer has kindly provided yet another unhelpful clue package for us to go through, which we watched so you don’t have to. Here are the most “important” takeaways:

  • The Pepper tells us she wants to ~spice things up~, god help us all.

  • We see some Masked Singer Hot Sauce, which I can only assume is poisonous and toxic!

  • The Pepper has always had her “own flavor” and is always thinking of ways to “not be bland.”

  • The Pepper went viral overnight this past year, which definitely narrows things down.

  • We see a tic-tac-toe board (gonna assume Pepper is a TikTok star).

  • We see a sign that says “Keep Dreaming.”

  • Pepper is standing in front of some hills (cough, cough, HILLS) that say “Chiliwood.”

  • Pepper says she sees herself as “a bit of a wizard” and has “always believed in magic,” so now we’ve got a magic sentient vegetable on our hands.

Kay, on top of that, we also have the Pepper singing “Jealous,” by Labrinth, and “No Tears Left to Cry,” by Ariana Grande…see if you can recognize their voice!

The Theory

Natasha Bedingfield

Masked Singer fans think Pepper is singer Natasha Bedingfield, mostly thanks to her bringing out roller skaters during her performance (a clear reference to her song “Roller Skate”). On top of that, those TikTok clues could be a reference to the fact that a remix of Natasha’s song “Unwritten” became a dance trend on the app.

PLUS!!!! That Chiliwood sign seems like a prettttty obvious reference to the Hollywood Hills, and let’s not forget that “Unwritten” was most iconically used as The Hills’ theme song.

As a result of all ^ this ^, fans are basically flooding Masked Singer social media with their Natasha theories.

And meanwhile, Reddit is pointing out that Pepper’s performances are similar in style to Natasha’s song “Recover”:

Seems pretty certain that the Pepper is Natasha based on the evidence before us; however, some fans have alternate theories including Kesha because of that tic-tac-toe board and one of the D’Amelio sisters because of the obvious TikTok references. And considering Dixie is a singer, that seems possible…but not probable.

On that note, we should probably all listen to “Unwritten” now! And when I say “listen to,” I mean scream-sing at the computer.

Release your inhibitions! Feel the rain on your skin, Pepper! No one else can feel it for you! Only you can let it in! No one else, no one else can speak the words on your peppery lips!

Kay, clearly I’ve lost what remains of my sanity due to this show, so gonna go ahead and leave until the Pepper performs again tonight. Till then, a poll:

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