The Trick That Instantly Improves Your Memory

In today’s hyperconnected, digitally dependent world, we are relying less and less on our own ability to remember things. We automatically turn to our handheld computers whenever we need to unearth a piece of information that’s not top of mind — whether that’s an address, a phone number, a movie title, or some other extraneous fact.

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But is outsourcing our brains to our mobile devices really a smart move? Probably not. That’s why Yahoo Health contributor Max Lugavere sat down with Grand Master of Memory Mattias Ribbing at this year’s Bulletproof Biohacking Conference to find out how we can easily retrieve information using a simple memory-jogging trick.

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Check out the demo in the video above, and for more on Ribbing’s mind-blowing memory hacks, listen to his podcast interview on Bulletproof Radio.

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