The Sims now offers ‘medical wearables’ for characters, including chest binds and hearing aids: 'So exciting to get to see myself in the Sims that way'

Gamers are applauding the new base game update for The Sims 4, which was released on Jan. 31 by its parent company, Electronic Arts (EA).

The update includes exciting new content and several long-awaited console improvements. It also has some new inclusive customization options for the Create A Sim feature — including “medical wearables” and trans-inclusive accessories.

According to EA, the new customizations can be found under the category “Body and Face Accessories” when users create their Sim. Along with clothes, hair color, and other visual features, you can now add wearable devices like hearing aids and glucose monitors, which come in more than 15 color options.

In addition, you can assign these devices to various parts of the body. For instance, hearing aids can go on the right or left ear, and glucose monitors can be placed on either arm or either side of the abdomen, just as they would be in real life.

EA also expanded options in the Body Scars category, allowing teen and older Sims characters to add top surgery scars. Navigate to the Tops category under Tanks, and you’ll find options for chest binders and other related shapewear to place on your Sim.

So far, the updates have been getting a ton of reactions online.

“Omg yes, thank you,” tweeted one person. “As someone who wears hearing aids I need this for my Sims.”

“BINDERS!” wrote someone else. “My nonbinary heart is happy.”

“Thank you so much for this update,” another person said. “So many happy trans and disabled Simmers around today.”

“So excited!” tweeted another fan, who asked if there was more disability representation in the works.

“There’s plenty of visual rep that wouldn’t interfere with regular gameplay,” they noted, referencing things like joint braces, back braces over and under the clothes, canes, medical ID bracelets and even service animals and prosthetic limbs.

Quite a few people offered up similar updates for the future.

“Guys, guys, this is epic, but I would also like to request in the medical wearables a feeding tube (could do both nasal and surgical ones!!!!),” tweeted one person. “It would be so exciting to get to see myself in the Sims that way.”

“Love this, but can we also have eyelashes?” added another user.

“I’m not trans, it just makes me really happy to see people be able to represent themselves in game,” someone else said.

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